Picture Politics – Francis Carruthers Gould, 1844-1925 by Lois Lamplugh

Born in Barnstaple in 1844, Francis Carruthers Gould was a talented artist and cartoonist from childhood. In 1888 he became the first regular political cartoonist to be employed by a daily newspaper – the Pall Mall Budget – where he began to contribute a regular topical cartoon and soon became an assistant editor.
He pioneered what became known as “picture politics” with his brilliant and topical political cartoons. This book covers his life and works and is beautifully illustrated with a large selection of his most famous – and not so famous – cartoons.
Knighted in 1906, his work covers all the great political figures of his time from Arthur Balfour and Joseph Chamberlain to Lord Salisbury and William Gladstone.
92 pages
116 black and white photos and illustrations
ISBN number: 0-9547832-0-4
Softback - £9.99


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